The Autism Diagnostic Aid was developed by Dr. Lorraine Potts and Prof. Mahesh Odiyoor as a screening tool for autism assessment in adults with intellectual disability in 2007-2008.  Subsequently it was developed and used as an aid to Autism diagnostic assessment. The ADA is first of its kind tool, developed specifically to aid clinicians with autism assessments in adults with intellectual disability.

A recent project led by Dr. Saman Shahzad, Dr. Solomon Shatananda and Dr. Abimbola Oyedokun explored the face and content validity of the ADA tool.  The tool has noted to have good face and content validity and was considered a valid tool from the expert’s perspective. The tool has been investigated for construct validity. This tool could potentially help with timely assessment and help with providing appropriate intervention.

Lead – Dr. Saman Shahzad, Consultant Psychiatrist and Prof Mahesh Odiyoor, Consultant Psychiatrist and Strategic Clinical Director